Quaranteen and chill

Welcome to YUCAN’s Young Carers Blog, a place where we will constantly share stories, jokes, memes and anything under the sun that could brighten up your day. Call it the Reddit page for young carers.

What a time to be alive, you got Mcdonalds, KFC and Nandos shut until further notice, and the worse part of it all is you got to smile and eat that third pack of noodles. Just kidding, in all seriousness though, it is even tougher out here for us young carers. We’ve got to try our best at making sure everyone is okay, all while trying to keep healthy and clean as possible.

It doesn’t help having to explain to our loved ones why another aunt has forwarded that 5G conspiracy video on WhatsApp again. *internally screams* You got this and you’re doing great young carer. Remember this time as another tale of strength and resilience because, at this moment in time, the world is finally realising what we all know, how essential and vital YOU are!

When this is all said and done, let’s hope that our governments could at least provide us with the right services and recognition for all that we do, but until then it is very important to remember and take time for yourself.

Until next next time!

Sanyu Musoke

Yucan Founder