J’R’ Jospehs

“At 13 years old, I was throwing in at the deep end when my mum was run over by a motorbike. For several months my brother and I became her full-time carers for our mum as she was immobilised due to severe injuries suffered from the accident. At the time I didn’t consider myself a carer I just felt like it was an automatic position to assume as no one else would have cared for my mum like me (in my opinion). My mum and I have always had a great relationship but this time definitely brought us closer together. We laughed a lot, even about my mum’s condition at times and I feel like this kept the sanity. I remember I didn’t speak to my school friends about it because they already thought my life was a crazy nightmare/fairytale at times so I was processing a lot of things by myself. Had I had something like YUCAN at the time I think I would have felt better supported and encouraged to keep being a young person.” 

J’R Jospehs