Time goes by…so quickly

One thing I think we can all relate to is time.

Day to Day, Hour to Hour, Minute to Minute…

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that is very hard for people to understand what time means to us young carers. It’s fickle and very hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t live through the day to day we go through. You balance your own day to day schedule while trying to cater to others non-stop. If you’re a carer that cooks, you’ve got to sort, breakfast, lunch and dinner, following with wash up then you’ve got a general clean up duty by the corridor because your little brother or sister had decided that it would be cool to create a camp fort with mum’s bedsheet.

I was even late to a web design meeting today because of cooking duties! Being a young person with 1000 things going on in your head is a tornado experience, and by all means, you should not feel guilty for. You are doing an amazing job while balancing life’s responsibilities, whether or not anyone cares or understands. It is no excuse to constantly be the late one, but always try your best to keep up with your own obligations with work, assignments, school stuff or anything else.

You got this!