By Young Carers, For Young Carers

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Who We Are

YUCAN is an organisation that supports young carers and their well-beings through fun workshops, co-created care plans, homework help and much more!

Founded by a young carer herself, Sanyu Musoke aims for YUCAN to be something impactful, awesome and life-changing for today’s young carers.

“Struggling with anxiety and depression became the norm, I felt that I wasn’t ‘entitled’ to seek help for my own troubles, especially as I was responsible for caring for family members who really needed me- Who was I to moan? When I finally identified myself as a ‘young carer’ I realised that there was very little support available, and what might have been available, wasn’t reaching me.”

Sanyu Musoke

Founder and Director

Who are young carers

Being a young carer is more common than you think, as of right now there are 800,000 young carers currently living in the UK. According to The Children's Society

What people have said

Year 4 Child (2021)

“I learnt that young carers are everywhere and it is not something to be ashamed of.” 

Class Teacher (2021)

“It was a very interesting and informative assembly and lovely to have someone who had been through and is still in the experience to explain it to the children.” 

Newham Recorder (2021)

“YUCAN’s services are developing to include: co-designing care plans with young carers, providing mentors, respite opportunities, as well as workshops and training to local authorities and education institutions to ensure teachers understand the needs of young carers.”

Year 6 Child (2021)

“I think it was good to know that we can be proud if we are a young carer. I hope it helped someone who might have needed it.”