Who Are Young Carers

over 800,000 recorded young carers in the uk

facts and figures

Young carers often sacrifice and miss out on so much than the average person their age. They take on responsibilities that include but aren’t limited to:


  • Providing and/or monitoring medication 
  • Handling financial responsibilities 
  • Taking on parental responsibility of sibling
  • Providing personal care, household chores, shopping and cooking
  • Providing emotional support 


There are over 800,000 recorded young carers in the UK between the ages of 7-17 that care for a family member or loved one

£132 billion pounds

Is how much unpaid carers save the UK economy which is an average of £19,336 per carer, yet a young carer’s allowance is not in place to help them


Of young carers between the ages of 11-15 miss school


Are not properly supported into adulthood

1 in 3

Young carers suffer from mental health issues due to the overwhelming responsibilities they take on, such as constant anxiety and stress


Of the UK’s young carers care for over 5o hours a week

Who We Care For!

Under 16s

We value the youngest of carers, ranging from as young as 5 years old. Being a very young carer can often feel like a very alienating time for such a young person. Childhood is a very defining part of life and here at Yucan we see you.

Teenage boy is relaxing at home with his disabled sister who is in a wheelchair.
Over 16s

Being a teenage carer can be a very lonely experience for many, as the teens years are a very developmental stage of such a young person, young teen carers have to balance GCSE/A Level/ BTEC studies while taking on responsibilities. we see you

Young Adult Carers

Young Adult Carers are often time overlooked in the young carer conversation. Although legally adults, young adult carers are often still taking on the role of a full-time carer while trying to figure out life, forming romantic relationships and work. Many often transitioning to finding true independence while battling the guilt of it all. we see you.

Sisters schoolgirls in school uniforms study in the open air. Girls in glasses, look in the notebook. The concept of Back to School
Elder Siblings

While the general discussion of young carers centres on taking care of loved ones with dependant needs, elder siblings can also be young carers too. Depending on the level of responsibility given to the young person, elder siblings can be left with a lot of the primary care of younger siblings when parents or caregivers are unable to perform such responsibilities. Things like taking and picking them up from school, homework help, cooking, clothing up keeping etc. we see you.

Cultural Respect and Sensitivity

Often a misunderstood topic, many cultures and communities believe in the respect and responsibilities of children in the home. While many may not encourage the interference from outside help, Yucan believes that when respectfully approached and talked about, young people from such upbringings can still be assisted and helped where needed, we see you.

Male Pupil Practising Maths At Desk
Student Young Carers

Schools, colleges and universities should permit and allow extensions on assignments, safe spaces and counselling for students that are young carers. Attending school while caring can often be a very stressful and isolating experience, we see you.