Who We Are

Back story

Founder and director

In 2009, my mother fell ill and at that time I had just turned 13 and like many other young people, just finding my footings in becoming a teenager. From worrying about forgetting my p.e kit quickly changed to worrying about my mum’s daily routine. The great thing in my case was that my father had always been there leading the family. Then, one Saturday afternoon in 2015 the unimaginable happened, a horrific freak accident saw a bus run into my father, leaving him wheelchair-bound, changing all our lives forever.


I’m Sanyu Musoke, the founder of YUCAN. In all honesty, I was not sure I was even capable of creating such a thing and for a long time I had always wanted to start something that would help young carers. 

Struggling with anxiety and depression became the norm, I felt that I wasn’t ‘entitled’ to seek help for my own troubles, especially as I was responsible for caring for family members who really needed me- Who was I to moan? When I finally identified myself as a ‘young carer’ I realised that there was very little support available, and what might have been available, wasn’t reaching me.

The opportunity came up to join a social entrepreneur programme, aimed at allowing young people to use their lived experiences to start social businesses. It’s where I’ve learned the skills, developed a network of support, and am now launching YUCAN

Our Approach

Our Mission

To ensure that young carers are recognised, assisted and championed in our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a society where young carers are valued, celebrated, and supported to thrive!

Our Values

Equality, respect, empowerment of every young carer, regardless of backgrounds or where they’re from.